Make it Rain with These 3 May-Inspired Revenue Generators

May is here, and although we won’t miss those April showers one bit, business owners can keep it raining in the warmer weather with these May-inspired revenue generators:

  1. May Flowers: Many of us have used the promise of May’s sunshine and beautiful blooms as inspiration to push onward through the frigid, cloudy, rainy suck months known as “March” and “April.” Adding some lovely arrangements to your decor is not only a great way to cheer up your customers, but it can also help you drive some additional revenue! According to Linda Cahan, a retail design consultant out of Oregon, bright colors like yellow and red help grab and hold a customer’s attention. She says that yellow is actually the first color the retina detects, which is why it captivates our awareness so effectively. So, put those brightly colored blooms to work! Draw your customers’ attention to strategic places (like your dessert or cocktail menu, or marketing materials for special promotions) by surrounding it with the floral bounty of May!
  2. Menu updates: Spring cleaning isn’t just for your hall closet! May offers a variety of opportunities for sprucing up that menu with themed specialty items! Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are quickly approaching, and are bursting with themed-menu potential. Why not add Angel Food cake (because mothers are angels!) or specialty mimosas (because they’re angels who need to drank!). For Cinco de Mayo (5th) try out some new Mexican style desserts like Fried Ice Cream or chocolate ice cream infused with Cayenne powder for some heat.
  3. Special campaigns and promotions: Most people know that Mother’s Day and Memorial Day (25th) happen in May. As with any high-traffic holiday, those are fantastic opportunities for leveraging the increase in transaction volume to incentivise growth in your loyalty program. But what about capitalizing on lesser-appreciated May holidays- like May Day (1st), National Star Wars Day (4th) or National Teacher’s Day (6th)? Putting together unexpected promotional campaigns and offers is a great way to surprise and delight your customers! Plus, advertising a Star Wars Day promotion on your Facebook or Twitter Page is bound to be shared and retweeted. Can you say organic social media marketing?!

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