LoyalTree PSA: Train Your Staff!

We say “Party,” you say “Staff Training!” Party! … you missed your queue.

We know staff training isn’t usually a party for you or your employees. However, training staff on your loyalty program is a requirement for a well-running and successful program. The difference between a program that thrives and a program that dives is usually staff buy-in.

Staff members are your brand, your personality, and your marketing mouthpiece. Above all else, they need to be comfortable recommending a new program. Remember to have a staff meeting prior to the launch of your program to make sure everyone is on the same page!

How well the staff understand your loyalty program, and how excited they are about it, is the difference between having a program that is used by your most loyal customers only and a program that has customers at all stages of loyalty. Having your uber loyalists on board is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could reach those on the cusp, and turn them into top customers as well?

Here’s what we recommend to LoyalTree business owners for training their staff on our program: 

  1. Nuts and Bolts: How the LoyalTree app works (e.g. earning points, purchasing a reward, redeeming a reward).
  2. Program Rules: Some rules are LoyalTree standard, and others are customizable. Either way, it’s important that staff are clear on how long customers have to collect points after a purchase, what to do if a reward expires before it gets used, etc.
  3. Marketing: Sell the program to your staff like you would sell it to a customer. This helps them know what to say about it! What does the customer get for signing up? What rewards can they purchase? How many points do they get per dollar spent?
  4. Support: Ensure that staff members know that if the customer has issues with their app they can email support@loyaltree.com for help!

You may also want to consider a monthly or quarterly participation challenge to give your program a membership boost. Some of our business owners offer gift cards every month to the Top 5 servers based on their customers’ rate of engagement. Others have contests to see who can get the most customers signed up for the program. We even have a business owner who tasked his staff with dreaming up the best promotion strategy for getting the word out about the program, whosever idea they used received an Amazon gift card.

However you choose to engage your staff, the most important thing is that they take ownership of the program. If they understand how it works, and why it’s helping the business, they are far more likely carry out their mission critical role in ensuring its success.

Have any other ideas for making things fun for your staff members? Write to us at marketing@loyaltree.com and let us share your story!