LoyalTree Stand Out Partner Awards

Stand Out Partner Award

As our company continues to grow, it’s important to us to acknowledge the successes of our partners: both reseller partners and business owners. In the spirit of the upcoming Academy Awards, we assembled a committee tasked with reviewing the performance of our partners, and selecting winners based on several key performance indicators (program size & rate of growth, rate of customer engagement with the program, number & variety of rewards store items against total redemptions, or a combination of those metrics against the length of time as a LoyalTree member or size of the business itself). While we have many businesses who are working hard and finding success with their LoyalTree programs, the winners we have selected have demonstrated stand-out growth and performance in 2014. So, without further ado, let us introduce our first ever round of LoyalTree Stand-Out Partner Award Winners:


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Yogurt Lab: Greater Minneapolis, MN area, 11 locations, Quick Serve Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt Lab: Largest Member Base

Yogurt Lab was founded on an elementary, yet powerful mission: to provide people everywhere with the perfect equation of flavor, quality ingredients, and fun. And these three elements have been in the Yogurt Lab DNA since day one, when the first Lab opened in Minneapolis in 2011 by a local, homegrown family. It’s called a lab because we’re scientists of deliciousness. Every flavor of frozen yogurt is made fresh daily, right in our Labs. Yogurt Lab serves only premium USDA certified organic yogurt made with hormone-free milk. Pair that with our amazing collection of fresh, wholesome, and natural ingredients, and you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect equation for your palate.”



Frank’s Downtown: Opelousas, LA, 1 location, Table Service Bar/Grill

Frank’s Downtown: Highest Rate of Customer Engagement

1) How long have you been in business? “We have been in business for 8 years at this location.”

2) What makes your business unique? “Frank’s isn’t your typical corner bar. Frank’s is often referred to as a second home. There probably isn’t very many bars that you can walk in to and find a dance teacher, an oil field worker, a day time TV producer or even a state senator. These are our regulars…this is our family.”

3) What have you done to make your LoyalTree program successful? “We try our best to let every customer know about the program when we hand them the reciept. Being a bar room makes it difficult at times. We often use the line “It pays to drink at Franks!”




Wooden Legs BrewingBest Overall Reward Store

1) How long have you been in business? “Opened May 13, 2013″

2) What makes your business unique? “Brewpub AND Craft Beer Bar; Cicerone Certified Beer servers”

3) What have you done to make your LoyalTree program successful? “Innovative campaigns including double point lunches, points for attending trivia night, extra points for bottle rollette and sending free Christmas beers out to customers”


Goodwill Logo

Goodwill of the Coastal Empire: Greater Savannah, GA area, 19 locations, Retail

Goodwill of the Costal EmpireNew Business of the Year

1) How long have you been in business?  “Goodwill of the Coastal Empire was founded in 1965, making 2015 the 50th Anniversary of Goodwill in the Coastal Empire region.”

2) What makes your business unique? “Our mission sets us apart from other businesses by providing assistance to people with disability and other barriers to employment live independently and become employed.”

3) What have you done to make your LoyalTree program successful? “We have asked our customers to join our Goodwill Preferred Customer Program through LoyalTree to keep up-to-date with us and receive discounts on their purchases.”



Mad Hatters Ethnobotanical Tea Bar: St. Petersburg, FL, 1 location, Table Service/Kava Bar

Mad Hatters Ethnobotanical Tea Bar: Small Business of the Year Award

1) How long have you been in business?We have been in business 9 months.”

2) What makes your business unique? “Our business is unique in that we carry all natural plant materials that give a natural buzz. We decided against mimicking other kava bars’ island theme and decor and, instead, went with something truly unique and different. We’re all mad here!”

3) What have you done to make your program so successful? “Loyaltree is easy to make successful. All you have to do is make sure your employees tell the customers that there is a loyalty program and they can get free stuff for signing up and using it.”



Penn Center Systems: Dave Hall (of PCS) and Dan Sanchez (Manager at Moe’s Bar and Grill), POSitouch Reseller covering Pennsylvania area territory.

Penn Center Systems: Reseller Partner of the Year

With 36 years in business and 20 years with POSitouch, Penn Center Systems has both the electronic solutions and an immeasurable resources to improve any hospitality operation. LoyalTree also brings both an incredible solution and as well as significant industry knowledge to the marketplace.  There are definitely three major things that make LoyalTree so unique and so successful. 1) The solution is 100% customer activated.  This defines a business’s actual loyal base. 2) LoyalTree’s seamless integration with POSitouch.  The operation has to do very little extra to reward their valuable customers. 3) LoyalTree direct messaging is incredibly powerful for businesses to perform on-the-fly campaigns to immediately boost revenues / profits while also communicating general news to their loyal fans.


unnamed (1)

ACME Cash Register: MICROS reseller, covers the Southern Tier of New York territory

ACME Cash Register: New Reseller Partner of the Year

1) How long have you been in business? “We have been in business for 40 years”

2) What makes your business unique? “Still a family business (going on 3rd generation) and one of the oldest Micros dealers in the country-32 years”

3) What is your favorite LoyalTree feature? “What impresses us the most is having a dedicated service rep to help implement the total loyalty concept-no intervention or time from our staff.”


We’re grateful to all of our business owners and reseller partners for having made 2014 such a successful year, and we’re looking forward to another year of growth with you.

Holiday Highlight: LoyalTree Users Donate Their Points to Give Free Coffee to Others at Coffee Tree Roasters

Between the beautiful weather, low gas prices and absence of theater tragedy associated with the Christmas Day release of The Interview, most Americans have had a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. On Christmas Eve, nearly 100 Pittsburgh-area coffee drinkers received an added bonus of holiday cheer at their neighborhood Coffee Tree Roasters when two anonymous local residents donated their LoyalTree points to give free coffee to other customers.

The anonymous donors are regulars at Coffee Tree Roasters and had accumulated over 2500 points between the two of them. Instead of using those points to get free hot drinks or free bags of coffee beans for themselves, they devised a plan to give free coffee to their fellow neighborhood Coffee Tree Roasters patrons.

They reached out to LoyalTree in November to make arrangements for the giveaway, and with help from Coffee Tree Roasters, their random act of kindness delighted customers eager to get their cup of holiday coffee. Nearly one hundred customers visiting the Fox Chapel location of Coffee Tree Roasters on Christmas Eve ordered their drinks and were informed at check out that it was already paid for.

LoyalTree is proud of the generosity and creativity of our users, and the kindness and flexibility of our business owners. We’re looking forward to 2015 and having more opportunities to connect with the communities of our business owners and users. Happy holidays!

Coffee is Hot


The coffee industry is roasting the competition when it comes to building amazingly successful loyalty programs on LoyalTree. There are several reasons for this: coffee is a daily ritual for many people, so current customers are easily incentivized to engage the program as they want to earn points for their daily investment. Secondly, it’s easy to woo new customers in the door, as coffee is fairly inexpensive as far as risky new adventures go.

Although the coffee industry may have some unfair advantages (like selling a legal addictive stimulant), there are things we can learn from cafe culture about how to build a loyal customer base. Coffee shops strive to provide an experience, to be unique. From plush, comfy furniture, to featured local art; from the community bulletin board in the back where you can find a yoga class, babysitter or dog walker, to the friendly baristas that know your “usual,” the cafe-experience itself is addictive! Coffee shops seem to excel in providing memorable customer experiences. People make friends in coffee shops- they go on dates, have job interviews and build their businesses in coffee shops. This friendly, comfortable environment is what keeps people coming back.

No matter what kind of business you own- counter service, full service, food service or otherwise, creating an experience people can’t wait to Tweet about is crucial. Channel the cafe-culture. Be addictive!


Case for Coffee

Growler University Case Study

Growler University, a growler fill station located in Eugene Oregon, deployed LoyalTree to increase their promotional reach and drive repeat customers during their grand opening. By launching their opening promotions through LoyalTree, Growler U was able to connect personally with first-time customers and engage them with their brand. The numbers speak for themselves:

Mercatino – Masters of Promotion: 400 LoyalTree Members in 2 Weeks


The buzz around Mercatino is electric. The owners of this Calgary-based market and cafe have big plans to promote their new business, and it’s already paying off. They have orchestrated an impressive membership drive averaging 28 new members per day. Their grand opening with LoyalTree isn’t just creating buzz around Mercatino, it’s bringing customers back through their doors–an average of 3-4 times!

 We asked one of the owners, Amit Vadan, what the key to his promotional success has been:

Since the majority of the Mercatino team are smartphone users themselves, the buy-in to sell the program was instantaneous.  Every customer that comes through Mercatino is asked if they are a Mercatino LoyalTree member, and if not, they are walked through how to become a member. The explanation process takes less than 10 seconds.

Take a few notes from the Mercatino strategy book when promoting your program:

  • Get staff buy-in and make sure they mention the program
  • Create a joining reward that people want! (Mercatino offers a free coffee)
  • Use LoyalTree receipt paper and all LoyalTree provided marketing materials
  • Post a message on Facebook, Twitter, and your website about your program

Mercatino understands the long-term benefit of capturing the attention of first-time customers. They know what their customers want and are ready to impress them with a VIP experience they won’t soon forget!

Business Spotlight: Mercurio’s First Birthday

MercuriosPittsburgh-based Mercurio’s restaurant celebrated their first birthday and thanked their customers with a party and giveaways, all facilitated by their LoyalTree program.

Mercurio’s, the Shadyside-based pizzeria and gelateria, geared up for the event by promoting in the store and through the LoyalTree App’s News feature, and through Facebook and Twitter.

They posted promotional QR codes that, when scanned, issued customers a surprise reward for a free pint of birthday cake gelato, redeemable only at the event. As a result, Mercurio’s was able to:

  • Draw more of their existing customer base into their loyalty program by offering an extra incentive to join.
  • Reward their current loyalty program customers with a special bonus, inspiring customer appreciation and solidifying the relationships they’ve established.
  • Increase attendance and sales on the day of the event.

One lucky fan won FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR through the Mercurio’s Instagram contest! On the day of the celebration, customers could Instagram a photo of themselves and their friends enjoying pizze for a chance to win. To qualify, customers also needed to be enrolled in Mercurio’s loyalty program.

The lucky customer’s free weekly pizza for a year will be accessed through her phone, appearing as a reward within the LoyalTree App. Each week she simply opens the reward and shows the redemption code to a Mercurio’s server. The server then enters the code into the POS, seamlessly discounting the price of the check  — making the process as easy as (pizza) pie for the winner and Mercurio’s staff.

Mercurio’s first birthday was a big hit — a unique experience that brought the business and customers together for a day of food and fun.

What special events are coming up for your business? Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll help you make them a success!