LoyalTree PSA: Train Your Staff!

We say “Party,” you say “Staff Training!” Party! … you missed your queue.

We know staff training isn’t usually a party for you or your employees. However, training staff on your loyalty program is a requirement for a well-running and successful program. The difference between a program that thrives and a program that dives is usually staff buy-in.

Staff members are your brand, your personality, and your marketing mouthpiece. Above all else, they need to be comfortable recommending a new program. Remember to have a staff meeting prior to the launch of your program to make sure everyone is on the same page!

How well the staff understand your loyalty program, and how excited they are about it, is the difference between having a program that is used by your most loyal customers only and a program that has customers at all stages of loyalty. Having your uber loyalists on board is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could reach those on the cusp, and turn them into top customers as well?

Here’s what we recommend to LoyalTree business owners for training their staff on our program: 

  1. Nuts and Bolts: How the LoyalTree app works (e.g. earning points, purchasing a reward, redeeming a reward).
  2. Program Rules: Some rules are LoyalTree standard, and others are customizable. Either way, it’s important that staff are clear on how long customers have to collect points after a purchase, what to do if a reward expires before it gets used, etc.
  3. Marketing: Sell the program to your staff like you would sell it to a customer. This helps them know what to say about it! What does the customer get for signing up? What rewards can they purchase? How many points do they get per dollar spent?
  4. Support: Ensure that staff members know that if the customer has issues with their app they can email support@loyaltree.com for help!

You may also want to consider a monthly or quarterly participation challenge to give your program a membership boost. Some of our business owners offer gift cards every month to the Top 5 servers based on their customers’ rate of engagement. Others have contests to see who can get the most customers signed up for the program. We even have a business owner who tasked his staff with dreaming up the best promotion strategy for getting the word out about the program, whosever idea they used received an Amazon gift card.

However you choose to engage your staff, the most important thing is that they take ownership of the program. If they understand how it works, and why it’s helping the business, they are far more likely carry out their mission critical role in ensuring its success.

Have any other ideas for making things fun for your staff members? Write to us at marketing@loyaltree.com and let us share your story!

The Impact of Loyalty

The following case study shows some recent data we’ve uncovered about the impact of driving revenue via loyalty programs. Amazingly enough, the majority of LoyalTree businesses pay for themselves within the first  30-60 days and begin to generate 2-4x more revenue than their cost!


Growler University Case Study

Growler University, a growler fill station located in Eugene Oregon, deployed LoyalTree to increase their promotional reach and drive repeat customers during their grand opening. By launching their opening promotions through LoyalTree, Growler U was able to connect personally with first-time customers and engage them with their brand. The numbers speak for themselves:

Mercatino – Masters of Promotion: 400 LoyalTree Members in 2 Weeks


The buzz around Mercatino is electric. The owners of this Calgary-based market and cafe have big plans to promote their new business, and it’s already paying off. They have orchestrated an impressive membership drive averaging 28 new members per day. Their grand opening with LoyalTree isn’t just creating buzz around Mercatino, it’s bringing customers back through their doors–an average of 3-4 times!

 We asked one of the owners, Amit Vadan, what the key to his promotional success has been:

Since the majority of the Mercatino team are smartphone users themselves, the buy-in to sell the program was instantaneous.  Every customer that comes through Mercatino is asked if they are a Mercatino LoyalTree member, and if not, they are walked through how to become a member. The explanation process takes less than 10 seconds.

Take a few notes from the Mercatino strategy book when promoting your program:

  • Get staff buy-in and make sure they mention the program
  • Create a joining reward that people want! (Mercatino offers a free coffee)
  • Use LoyalTree receipt paper and all LoyalTree provided marketing materials
  • Post a message on Facebook, Twitter, and your website about your program

Mercatino understands the long-term benefit of capturing the attention of first-time customers. They know what their customers want and are ready to impress them with a VIP experience they won’t soon forget!

Choosing your rewards

store_iphone5_fadeawayHave you been trying to decide what types of rewards to offer your loyal customers? With the new rewards store built into LoyalTree, you can choose any of the following three types of rewards:

1) Dollar Off Reward

2) Percent Off Reward

3) Free Item Reward

How do I choose my rewards?

To begin with, create a check list of all your high margin items. Use the 10% rule when deciding how many points it should take to “purchase” that item from the store. For example, if your crab rangoon sells for $10.00, make that item available at 100 points or less (this applies if you offer the standard 1 point per dollar system).

Remember to always incentivize saving points. The more points a reward costs the better deal it should be. For example, giving a $20 discount away at 200 points when you have a $10 discount available at 100 points doesn’t incentivize your customers to save their points. Instead give a $25 discount away at 200, and $10 away at 100.

Lastly, remember to include at least one dollar or percent off discount reward. The goal is to reach ALL of your customers. Giving a dollar or percent off allows them to get something that might not be included in the items you are giving away in your rewards store.

Have fun! Contact support@loyaltree.com if you would like to add/change your rewards!

Business Spotlight: Mercurio’s First Birthday

MercuriosPittsburgh-based Mercurio’s restaurant celebrated their first birthday and thanked their customers with a party and giveaways, all facilitated by their LoyalTree program.

Mercurio’s, the Shadyside-based pizzeria and gelateria, geared up for the event by promoting in the store and through the LoyalTree App’s News feature, and through Facebook and Twitter.

They posted promotional QR codes that, when scanned, issued customers a surprise reward for a free pint of birthday cake gelato, redeemable only at the event. As a result, Mercurio’s was able to:

  • Draw more of their existing customer base into their loyalty program by offering an extra incentive to join.
  • Reward their current loyalty program customers with a special bonus, inspiring customer appreciation and solidifying the relationships they’ve established.
  • Increase attendance and sales on the day of the event.

One lucky fan won FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR through the Mercurio’s Instagram contest! On the day of the celebration, customers could Instagram a photo of themselves and their friends enjoying pizze for a chance to win. To qualify, customers also needed to be enrolled in Mercurio’s loyalty program.

The lucky customer’s free weekly pizza for a year will be accessed through her phone, appearing as a reward within the LoyalTree App. Each week she simply opens the reward and shows the redemption code to a Mercurio’s server. The server then enters the code into the POS, seamlessly discounting the price of the check  — making the process as easy as (pizza) pie for the winner and Mercurio’s staff.

Mercurio’s first birthday was a big hit — a unique experience that brought the business and customers together for a day of food and fun.

What special events are coming up for your business? Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll help you make them a success!

Social Media and LoyalTree

LoyalTree SocialLeverage your social media presence through LoyalTree to turn customers into advocates and create word-of-mouth buzz to grow your business.

Half of all American adults use Facebook*, with an average friend count of 190*. Meanwhile, Twitter has more than 200 million active users*. Allow satisfied customers to spread their experiences with your business through their social networks, and the reputation of your business will grow.

Get new fans.

Since the LoyalTree app connects directly to Facebook and Twitter, your advocates can easily share their rewards with their friends. When your customers share their rewards, you’ll attract new members to participate in your loyalty program. You’ll also spread news of your business to potential customers who may not have heard of you before.

Incentivize your customers to action by gifting them points or rewards for their shares, making them more likely to do it. People trust the recommendations of their friends, and those recommendations are happening online. Increasing your internet visibility ensures that people will be talking about your business, and coming in to visit!

Start the conversation online, and continue it face-to-face.

Bring followers from your social media community to your business by running a promotion. LoyalTree will work with you to create a special code or keyword that rewards your fans for engaging with you online. When customers see the code on your social media pages and enter it into the app, they might get +10 bonus points, or a bonus 5% off reward, for example. Offering something special for engagement increases interest in social media channels, giving you a platform to connect and converse with your customers. Plus, once people have a reward in hand (or, technically speaking, in phone), they’ve got an extra reason to stop into your business!

Spend your time and money wisely.

analyticsImprove your marketing efforts by using LoyalTree analytics to measure and improve your online outreach. Track code and keyword scans to see who you’re reaching and where. Track redemption of rewards to measure how your social media outreach is bringing traffic into your store, and how much revenue your efforts are generating. After reviewing your analytics, you can determine how to adjust your strategy to better reach your audience, and make the best use of your time and marketing dollars.

Use your loyalty program to connect with your customers online (and offline) to build and strengthen your community and customer base. Email us to get started with an online promotion today!

Welcome to LoyalTree!

Make loyalty mobile with LoyalTree!

LoyalTree programs are a 100% mobile, hassle-free way to connect with your customers and build loyalty.

Here’s how it works:

  • A customer makes a purchase and uses their smartphone to scan a QR code printed on their receipt. A QR code is a two-dimensional code that is readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones.
  • Customers earn points by scanning these codes.
  • Points go towards rewards. Once a reward is unlocked, it appears in the customer’s reward bank within the app.
  • Next time the customer visits, they can easily access the reward from the app. Accessing the reward generates a unique discount code that your staff enters into the Point-of-Sale, discounting the price of the check accordingly.

More points = more rewards. Reward your customers for their purchases and drive more visits to your business. Point structures and rewards are totally customizable, allowing you to create the perfect program for your business.

Adding LoyalTree to your business is easy!

LoyalTree integrates with your existing point-of-sale system, and runs completely through your customers’ smartphones.

  • You don’t need to buy any new hardware, your operations do not change, and your staff does not need special training.
  • There are no more plastic cards, and no more looking up numbers or fumbling with key rings — making life easier for you and your customers.
  • 50% of US consumers have a smartphone* Reach out to customers on the platform they’re using most.  Wherever your customers go, their phones go with them. With a mobile loyalty program, you can reach out to them anytime, anywhere.

Improve your marketing efforts and bring more feet through your door.

  • Tap into the LoyalTree network and attract new customers through the LoyalTree application, where your business will be located through user searches.
  • Retain current customers by delighting them with the rewards they want most.
  • View robust analytics that show you who your customers are, where they’re coming from, and what they’re buying. Leverage this information to modify your marketing efforts and loyalty program to bring in more customers.

Connect with your customers.

Send news, discounts, and birthday gifts directly to their phones, where they’re more likely to be read. Push notifications sent to phones have a 97% read rate, versus just 3% for email!* Send a message through LoyalTree to start the conversation between you and your customers, and keep it going in your store!

LoyalTree programs help you build relationships with your customers, learn about your business, and develop the tools you need to drive more revenue! Email us to get started with a LoyalTree program today!