Loyalty Strategies for Businesses with Non-Local Customers


Our goal is to help business owners reach their loyal customers with an engaging rewards program. However, not every business has a built-in base of loyal followers. Due mostly to location, some businesses cater more to the traveler than the neighborhood customer. These businesses often typified by airports, hotels, or vacation areas represent what we call “Non-Local Customer Base Locations” or NCBL’s.

Although non-local customers present a clear challenge for developing loyalty and recurring revenue, there are many possibilities for engaging non-local customers in a unique and memorable way which can have a significant impact on their value to your business. It’s also possible to gain valuable knowledge about new products or marketing initiatives from non-locals, as outsiders are less likely to give skewed feedback due to loyalty bias.

In an effort to better understand what can make an NCBLs successful, we reached out to the Retail Operations Manager of Green Beans Coffee: Preston Stohs. Green Beans Coffee has locations across the United States and the Middle East, primarily on military bases and most recently, in airport terminals. This provides a mix of locations with very loyal customers (as in the case of their military base locations) and very transient customers (at the airport locations).

For his airport locations, Preston employs a tactic of targeted outreach to those who do have the ability to frequent the business – such as airport employees. He offers standing discounts to airport employees, and hand delivers Green Beans Coffee marketing materials to kiosks and businesses throughout the airport. By turning locals into “crazy loyal local customers” they become brand champions and drive additional business from travelers or other locals without being prompted.

After talking with Preston, we realized that he invests a lot of intentional effort into his loyalty strategy. He pays close attention to sales data and customer demographics at each location. He knows his audience, and plans carefully how to reach them. His strategy is an excellent one for getting the most out of an NCBL, and is the reason why Green Beans Coffee is such a successful LoyalTree business.

We’ve used Preston’s insights, and some of our own through working with a variety of NCBLs, to compile a table of possible strategies for capitalizing on the non-local consumer market. We’ve outlined four possible business objectives, and have provided a breakdown of the loyalty strategy for realizing each one.

The loyalty strategy includes a plan for marketing (how to promote your objective/communicate to the public), rewarding (what kinds of rewards are most likely to help you achieve your goal), and giving points (how to use loyalty points/the points economy within LoyalTree to help you achieve your goal). The table also outlines the ideal business conditions for pursuing each objective.

table (2)

Loyalty Success is Proven With Seamless Lavu iPad POS and LoyalTree Integration

Originally posted on April 24, 2014 via PRWeb in Albequerque, NM. See original post here.

Cloud-based iPad POS for restaurants creators Lavu Inc teams up with loyalty program partner LoyalTree to offer simple single-click integration, targeted analytics, and programs to reward loyal customers. The extended development and testing period has allowed for integration streamlining for a satisfied real-world user-base.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Lavu Inc., makers of the popular iPad POS for restaurants, has announced a seamless integration to the robust loyalty platform offered by LoyalTree. Benefits of the partnership include connected backend dashboards for easy access to customer histories and customizable targeted marketing campaigns. Integration has been simplified to require only a single click in the Lavu business management control panel.

“We have expanded our relationship because our partners at Lavu are respectful, intelligent, and work hard to make the integration the best that it can be,” said Jake Klinvex, COO of LoyalTree.

The partnership is two years in the making. This was time well spent by both development teams, working to perfect the user experience. Ease of use is an important consideration for busy restaurant-industry professionals when selecting a business management solution.

“I love LoyalTree for the customer givebacks and because it is customer dependent,” said Lauren Booten of Buddy’s All American BBQ about the Lavu and LoyalTree partnership. “Once we get our customers to sign up we do not have to do much from there. The minimal cost is great too.”

LoyalTree is a customizable mobile loyalty program. The integration allows Lavu iPad POS clients to attract new customers by providing first-time visitor bonuses, personalized mobile advertisements with targeted offers, and by rewarding customers for specific purchases. “Our LoyalTree partnership helps Lavu clients attract new customers and then rewards those customers for coming back,” said Josh Bennett, VP of Business Development at Lavu Inc.

The extended period of development and beta-testing for the Lavu and LoyalTree integration benefited from real-world usage and analysis. The loyalty platform extension to the iPad POS had a steady adoption uptake despite minimal marketing exposure. From small shops to multiple location franchises, hospitality businesses have already added LoyalTree to their Lavu iPad POS management toolkit.

“We have been able to add new features,” Klinvex added about the two year development period. “Both linked-card and email earning were found to satisfy those customers who want a frictionless experience, may not have smartphone, or for merchants who may not print receipts.”

For more information about Lavu iPad POS and LoyalTree special offers, visit http://poslavu.businesscatalyst.com/.

About Lavu Inc.
With customers in 85 countries, Lavu iPad POS by Lavu Inc. was formed as a solution to common point of sale problems and restaurant industry issues. Lavu Inc. offers POS Lavu as a full-featured point of sale software solution at a fair price. Through cloud computing, wireless mobility, and multi-touch devices, Lavu POS redefines the entire approach to restaurant business management.

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