Pittsburgh-based mobile rewards program, LoyalTree, launches in Australia and Mexico

It’s been an exciting spring at LoyalTree! Through partnerships with key Point of Sale (POS) system resellers, we were able to launch our mobile rewards program at our first locations in Mexico City, Mexico and Brisbane, Australia.  Our team is beyond excited to welcome these new cities to our growing international community.


While we continue to grow our global presence, we are proud of our Pittsburgh roots! Having just finished a successful second season of PensPoints with the Pittsburgh Penguins, we are gearing up for September and the start of a new hockey season.  Additionally, we have over 30 LoyalTree locations in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, and that number continues to grow every month.


As a mobile loyalty rewards program, LoyalTree seeks to give business owners and customers access to the same caliber of rewards program available to the nation’s largest retailers.  We’re the only program out there that is built with the needs of the business owner and the consumer experience held in tandem.


Our integration with the existing POS makes the process easier for staff, and prevents the business owner from having to purchase new hardware. In addition, our backend dashboard allows business owners to track sales and manage their LoyalTree program easily. Our mobile app offers a clean, intuitive experience for customers to track their points, join new loyalty programs, and earn rewards as they spend at their favorite spots.


From the City of Bridges to cities around the world, LoyalTree is on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes. We’re helping business owners grow with their customers in mind. After all, the future of retail lies in the hands of consumers. Conveniently: that’s also where LoyalTree lies- in the smart phone in the hand of the modern consumer.
Want to get in on the action? Download LoyalTree for iOS or Android in Google Play or the App Store. You can find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @LoyalTree. Business owners can reach out to us directly at: sales@loyaltree.com.

5 Tips for a Stellar Loyalty Program


The goals for having a loyalty program are often similar: increase revenue, decrease churn, and generate new business! So what’s the difference between a massively successful loyalty program and one that dwindles? Studies show that following these easy steps can be a great way to charm your customers into becoming regulars, and entice them to bring their friends (the single most valuable way to get new business).

1) Offer rewards your customers are excited about. Including a discounted item that is popular vs. a free item that rarely sells well is a great way to give your customers value. If your customers are excited about a reward, they are more likely to use it and more likely to talk about it on social media! Be generous! (Consider offering a popular item that has a high profit margin or an item you are trying to move from inventory.)

2) Be sure the point values are attainable. As a general rule of thumb, customers perceive the “10% rule” to be a fair way of attributing value to a reward. For example, if an item costs $10, it can be earned for 100 points (assuming you are using the standard 1 point= 1 dollar spent formula). Customers may give up on using a program if an inexpensive reward can’t be earned until they cross a 1,000 pt. threshold. Our best programs have a range of “low hanging fruit,” rewards that can be earned in just a few visits (~30 points, depending on average check size), and more desirable/expensive rewards (~250 points, depending on check size.)

3) Experiential vs. Transactional: have a good mix. “Experiential rewards” are more about an experience than a dollar value, where “transactional rewards” are more about a discount. An experiential reward could be a private wine and cheese tasting for two for 1000 points, or a private brewery tour for 500 points. A transactional reward is the more common “$5 off” or “25% off” type coupon. It’s important to have a mix, because more affluent customers are less likely to be enticed by a discount, and more likely to work toward an experience.

4) Surprise them! The only thing better than a good coupon, is a good coupon you weren’t expecting. Research shows that customers are more likely to feel their loyalty program is creating value for them if they receive surprise offers made available only to customers who use the program. The more value a customer feels you are bringing them, the more likely they are to remain loyal!

5) Swag- it’s a win-win. Consider adding swag (hip term of late referring to merchandise sporting a brand’s logo) to your rewards store. It’s a personal touch that makes customers feel even more connected to your brand. Popular items include glassware and t-shirts. It’s great to have loyal customers who are passionate about your brand as a walking advertisement; that’s why we call the swag reward a “win-win.”

There you have it: EATSS! Exciting rewards, Attainable point values, Transactional & experiential offers, Surprises and Swag. A recipe for success!