Mercatino – Masters of Promotion: 400 LoyalTree Members in 2 Weeks


The buzz around Mercatino is electric. The owners of this Calgary-based market and cafe have big plans to promote their new business, and it’s already paying off. They have orchestrated an impressive membership drive averaging 28 new members per day. Their grand opening with LoyalTree isn’t just creating buzz around Mercatino, it’s bringing customers back through their doors–an average of 3-4 times!

 We asked one of the owners, Amit Vadan, what the key to his promotional success has been:

Since the majority of the Mercatino team are smartphone users themselves, the buy-in to sell the program was instantaneous.  Every customer that comes through Mercatino is asked if they are a Mercatino LoyalTree member, and if not, they are walked through how to become a member. The explanation process takes less than 10 seconds.

Take a few notes from the Mercatino strategy book when promoting your program:

  • Get staff buy-in and make sure they mention the program
  • Create a joining reward that people want! (Mercatino offers a free coffee)
  • Use LoyalTree receipt paper and all LoyalTree provided marketing materials
  • Post a message on Facebook, Twitter, and your website about your program

Mercatino understands the long-term benefit of capturing the attention of first-time customers. They know what their customers want and are ready to impress them with a VIP experience they won’t soon forget!