A Cut Above The Rest

treesLoyalty programs are gaining a lot of attention these days. With nearly $50 Billion in rewards offered each year to the consumer, the market is getting bigger AND more complicated. LoyalTree is different because we built our business on the needs of the merchant. Making a loyalty program easy to use and easy to implement is our mantra. If it adds time or undue complexity to your business no one will want to implement it, paralyzing adoption and wasting valuable time. LoyalTree has an integrated solution that allows the customer to get points for their purchase without any added steps. Many of our competitors require their customers use another piece of hardware to properly distribute points–this adds a significant amount of time to each transaction and interferes with employee efficiency.

People making the switch to LoyalTree are eager to have a solution that does everything itself.  So do right by your staff and reward your customers with an easy to use LoyalTree program!