The Power of a Lady Slipper

wateringflowers_smallTuesday, 9:43 a.m.

Patches begins yowling for his breakfast just as Susan Meyer remembers that the wash needs to be flipped, and it is garbage day. But just as she opens the washer lid the familiar chime of the doorbell reaches her ears… It’s a delivery! –a delivery for Susan from Morrisville Florists.

The red clay flower pot contains an unusual looking green shoot with an unopened hanging bud. The enclosed note and picture say it is the rare and fragile “Lady Slipper.” Along with the flower pot there is a coupon for three “flower seed packets of your choice.”

The personalized gift interrupts the morning flurry of chores and goes straight to the wall where she keeps her treasured plant collection. It looks perfect. There may be swim meets, dinner invitations, and loads of laundry this week, but Susan Meyer will still make a trip to Morrisville Florists to pick up her free seeds and say “thanks.”

Surprise & Delight

This business has expertly connected with their customer. The gift was personalized, unexpected, and timely. It was something that Susan wanted.  Because the gesture was delightful and surprising, word of it will probably spread to other shoppers as Susan tells of the latest addition to her kitchen flower collection. The Bottom Line: the free “Lady Slipper” and flower seeds have refreshed Susan Meyer’s focus on her hobby and won her future business. Now she will most likely visit the location more frequently and spend more money there.

A Personal Touch

Not all businesses sell flowers, but the principles are the same across almost all industries. Personal connection is key to the success or failure of the vast majority of companies, large or small. Consider the monstrous insurance company, State Farm, that strives to brand itself as your very own “good neighbor.”  A good neighbor knows you, they are loyal, they are trustworthy, they are part of your life… obviously customers know businesses are far different from their friends and family, but trust, loyalty, and thoughtfulness in business are highly appreciated nonetheless.

How to Connect

The question is how to know who your customers are, what they like, how to connect with them, and how to become part of their life in the modern business environment?  Modern technology allows you to learn exactly who your consumers are and what is important to them. You can find out what they want, when they want it, and give it to them simply and easily.

Your Business?

Modern solutions may not be as quaint as the example of Susan Meyer and her “Lady Slipper,” but they can be just as effective. Do you know who your customers are and what is important to them? What have you given them lately? –a flower pot? one of your delicious appetizers? a free T-shirt? LoyalTree specializes in helping you strengthen your customer relationships one gift at a time. We work to make mobile customer rewards programs as simple, fun, and intuitive as possible. How can you connect with your customers? Get in touch with us to get started.

Business Spotlight: Mercurio’s First Birthday

MercuriosPittsburgh-based Mercurio’s restaurant celebrated their first birthday and thanked their customers with a party and giveaways, all facilitated by their LoyalTree program.

Mercurio’s, the Shadyside-based pizzeria and gelateria, geared up for the event by promoting in the store and through the LoyalTree App’s News feature, and through Facebook and Twitter.

They posted promotional QR codes that, when scanned, issued customers a surprise reward for a free pint of birthday cake gelato, redeemable only at the event. As a result, Mercurio’s was able to:

  • Draw more of their existing customer base into their loyalty program by offering an extra incentive to join.
  • Reward their current loyalty program customers with a special bonus, inspiring customer appreciation and solidifying the relationships they’ve established.
  • Increase attendance and sales on the day of the event.

One lucky fan won FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR through the Mercurio’s Instagram contest! On the day of the celebration, customers could Instagram a photo of themselves and their friends enjoying pizze for a chance to win. To qualify, customers also needed to be enrolled in Mercurio’s loyalty program.

The lucky customer’s free weekly pizza for a year will be accessed through her phone, appearing as a reward within the LoyalTree App. Each week she simply opens the reward and shows the redemption code to a Mercurio’s server. The server then enters the code into the POS, seamlessly discounting the price of the check  — making the process as easy as (pizza) pie for the winner and Mercurio’s staff.

Mercurio’s first birthday was a big hit — a unique experience that brought the business and customers together for a day of food and fun.

What special events are coming up for your business? Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll help you make them a success!